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IPL are hydrocarbon and environmental analysis experts and are constantly developing new capabilities aimed at better serving the Oil & Gas industry.

Our equipment and staff expertise allow us to carry out a wide range of tests at every stage of the process from upstream through to finished products. We benefit from the knowledge and experience of chemists and technicians from NZ and around the world who can carry out complex method development as well as routine analysis to specifications. Our commitment and dedication to providing a safe workplace with high quality analysis helps us achieve and maintain world class standards. Our Leadership Team and General Manager have many years of experience in the testing industry and are passionate advocates of the IPL vision.

By becoming the testing experts within the petroleum industry, IPL’s board has supported our growth strategy which is enabling us to further diversify our range of expertise. The range of testing services we provide include fuels, environmental, contamination purity analysis, mercury and biofuels. Our latest technologies include Crude Assay, GC-MS, DHA, and Trace Mercury Analysis. Alongside our expanding range of testing services, we have extended our expertise to laboratory management. We also provide a calibration and maintenance service as well as training (HSNO, specific methods and laboratory skills) and facility auditing.

The range of services are available for our national and international customers. The scope of customers include the management of a local Taranaki laboratory, fuels terminals throughout NZ, the major oil companies, most fuels terminals in the South West Pacific as well as other customers in Australia and Singapore.

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Brendan Oakden
Tel: +64 9 432 8567 ext. 5320

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